Hey kids! here you will find some fun and games to keep you busy as a bee. Just click on things to enlarge! Do email if any links are broken.

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plume christmas elf colouring sheets.

Click here to download PDF

plume christmas elf advent calendar.

Right-click to save image and print. Then imply glue on a cotton ball in the lead-up to Christmas and watch Plume's Santa beard grow!

plume christmas elf printables pack.

Click here for a fab A4 printables pack to decorate your home this Christmas! There is are gift tags, Plume standees that you can stand up with a triangle of card glued to the back (google how to do this), bunting and a Plume advent - add cotton balls! Print on light card and cut out, or use them to decorate your school library.

wildlife compendium colouring sheets.

Click here to download PDF

dorrie colouring sheets.

Click here to download PDF

plume bookplates.

Plume is bringing back the bookplate! If you’d like a PDF download of each one, just click here

plume festival seeker colouring sheets.

Click here to download PDF

plume global nibbler colouring sheets.

Click here to download PDF


plume world explorer colouring sheets.

Click here to download PDF

wonderful shoes colouring pages.
Click here to download PDF

i heart the world puzzles online.

I Heart the World book cover puzzle - click here

Rainbow Planet puzzle - click here

evie and pog puzzles online.

Evie and Pog covers puzzle - click here
Evie and Pog tree house scene puzzle - click here

fauna puzzles online.

Fauna cover puzzle - click here

Fauna The Platypus puzzle - click here

Fauna The Flying Fox puzzle - click here

mamie puzzles online.

Mamie cover puzzle - click here
Mamie The Basinette puzzle - click here

Mamie Sings puzzle - click here

ivy bird puzzles online.

Ivy Bird cover puzzle - click here

mamie activity sheets.

alphakid colouring sheets.

wild weird wonderful weather activity sheets.

Click here to download the sheets as a PDF

evie and pog paper dolls.

Click here to download the paper doll PDF

evie and pog activity sheets.

Click here to download activity sheets, including how to finger knit!

the gum family finds home activity sheets.

see hear activity sheets.

There are 10 differences below--see how you go. And if you need a little help, just click here.

merry everything activity sheets.


 smile cry activity sheets.

peas in a pod colouring sheets.

an aussie year paper dolls.

(click to download all five characters)


an aussie year colouring sheets.
(click to enlarge and print)

jumpy kangaroo activity sheets.

Excited about Riley's newest adventure in Canberra? So are we! Enjoy these fun colouring pages from the book - by the extremely clever Kieron Pratt. There's also a word search! Just click to enlarge, then print.

grumpy wombat activity book.

Just click each page to enlarge, print out and staple into a little book! Print page 1, then turn it over and print page 2 on the back. Print page 3 and 4 back-to-back, and ditto pages 5 and 6. Stack pages from 1 through 6, with page 1 facing down on the table and page 6 facing up, then either staple in the centre with a long stapler, or punch holes in the spine and thread through string, tying off to secure. Have fun!

page 1 . . .

page 2 . . .

page 3 . . .

page 4 . . .

page 5 . . .

page 6 . . .

grumpy wombat colouring-in page.

(click to enlarge and print)

dancing lion colouring-in pages.
(click to enlarge and print)

riley paper dolls.
(click to enlarge, and print on card)

be A-mazed.
(click to enlarge, and print)

spot the difference.

There are 10 differences between the pictures below. See how many you can find!

(Want the answers?)

kids' book review.

Love books? Who doesn't!? Don't miss my kids' book site Kids' Book Review!


your Riley creations.
Would you like to see your drawing of Riley or any of the characters from my books on this page? Just send your drawing to PO Box 171 Jerrabomberra NSW 2619 or email it here, and we will publish every single drawing! Make sure you include your first name, your age and what town you live in.

Here are just some of the wonderful cards, letters and drawings sent in by kids over the years: