SHORTLISTED, SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2019, Australia and New Zealand region
(November 2018, HarperCollins Children's Books Australia, hardback: $24.99, 9781460755860, paperback: $14.99, 9781460755877)

To us, she is May Gibbs, creator of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. But to her family, she was known as 'Mamie' (pronounced MAY-mee).

In a land far away, where fairies, pixies and elves live deep in the woods, a baby girl is born. Her family calls her Mamie.

Mamie loves to sing and dance and paint with her magical woodland friends. Her days are like a fairy tale. But when Mamie's family move to Australia, she misses green fields drenched with rain. The hot skies and dusty plains of her new home turn Mamie's world upside down. Will she ever find new fairy friends in this strange and beautiful land?

From the talented Tania McCartney comes an exquisite book that celebrates the life of renowned children's author and illustrator, May Gibbs.

Mamie by Tania McCartney is perhaps one of the most unique, inspiring and beautiful pictures books I have read in a long time. Part biography, part fascinating story with the most picturesque illustrations, Mamie is not only a beauty to behold, but a book to treasure. - The Neverending Bookshelf

...absolutely gorgeous – a piece of art. Together with the biography on May Gibbs, the gentle, inspiring tale and beautifully visual and playful illustrations, Mamie is an incredible culmination of fact and fiction and Australian native flavour. - Boomerang Books

This beautifully illustrated book gives readers a version of May's life which is at once full of historical detail, sticking to the chronological timeline of her life, while at the same time giving it a modern twist which will endear her story to younger readers, making it possible for them to more readily empathise with May's life and work. - ReadPlus

...Tania’s vibrant illustrations ... lovingly capture the essence of May Gibbs as a little girl and celebrate the power of imagination. Mamie is one of my favourite books this year! - Wild About Books

Tania has breathed life and energy in Mamie’s story and very cleverly illustrated it in a contemporary style to which children will easily relate. Each page contains glorious tiny details for readers to pore over excitedly, the whole retaining the original freshness, quality and magic of May’s own work. - Just So Stories

Told in a way that engages and enchants, rather than a litany of sterile facts – McCartney not only brings the world of May Gibbs to life but also puts dreams in the head of any young child with an imagination. 
- The Bottom Shelf

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