I Heart the World
(February 2020, Hardie Grant Travel, $29.99, hard cover, large format, 9781741176711)
SHORTLISTED Patricia Wrightson Prize for Children's Literature, the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards, 2021

Now more than ever, children are encouraged to value and appreciate our world.

I Heart the World is a beautifully illustrated romp around the planet, celebrating the people, cultural delights, natural and man-made wonders, and the breathtaking flora and fauna, that occupy our land, sea and sky.

Organised into chapters for each world continent, Tania's illustrations will have any child or parent poring over the pages for many hours, and learning great facts about places near and far.

Ready for a global adventure? I Heart the World is your ticket to the breathtaking flora, fauna, people, sights and eye-popping wonders of our land, sea and sky. Pack your passport and a sense of wonder as you explore our amazing world through the pages of this book!

Tania’s... style is impeccable, her attention to detail is meticulous, the amount of work she must put into her books is incomprehensible. This is a very large book, with a ton of images, all extremely beautiful... It really should be in all school and public libraries, as well as being a truly giftable tome. - Booking for 4

To try and describe the immensity of the work involved in Tania McCartney’s I Heart the World seems impossible. The research that has gone into creating this magnificent encyclopaedic oversized book is staggering... In addressing the illustrations... the detail involved needs time and examination to truly appreciate what McCartney has done here. This is perhaps her magnum opus amongst all of her outstanding output. - Kids' Book Review

I Heart the World is a book that is big in size, content and heart. It is filled with fascinating facts and Tania McCartney’s illustrations will have you poring over pages for hours. The information throughout the book is organised clearly and creatively and brought to life by Tania’s detailed illustrations. - Wild About Books

I Heart the World - KMART EDITION (smaller format)
(August 2020, Hardie Grant Travel, $29.99, hard cover, 9781741177381)

Ik Hartje de Wereld - DUTCH EDITION
(September 2021, Leminscaat, €19,99, hard cover, 9789047712763)

Yo Quiero el Mundo - SPANISH EDITION
(May 2021, Planeta, €20,85, hard cover, 9788408241669)
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Jo Estimo el Món - CATALAN EDITION
(May 2021, Estrella Polar, €20,85, hard cover, 9788418444289)
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