Plume: World Explorer (Book 1)
(October 2021, Hardie Grant Explore, hardback: $24.99, 9781741177664) 


Hitch a ride on the Albatross Express and travel the globe with Plume: World Explorer. This exciting new picture book series for little ones celebrates culture, diversity and the natural wonders of our world.

Plume is not your typical Antarctic penguin. Sporting a bright yellow plume on the top of his head, Plume is bored of black and white, of shuffling around and snoozing on icebergs. He much prefers to cook, read, knit and sky dive. He craves colour, adventure, excitement! He wants to seize the world he’s discovered in the books of his fantastical, glacier library (the largest in the Southern Hemisphere). 

Plume's great hope is to grow the hearts and minds of his penguin friends. Through his travels, children will engage with themes such as friendship, acceptance, understanding and the wellbeing of our planet. Plume is truly a book series for our times.

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Plume: Global Nibbler (Book 2)
Plume: Festival Seeker (Book 3)
Plume: Christmas Elf (Book 4) 

What people are saying...

'...a delightfully expansive and informative picture book... a wonderfully enjoyable read aloud experience, the text is beautifully supported with colourful and lovingly detailed illustrations. Emotions and expression are exquisitely drawn on the characters faces. Great joy can be had exploring each page in minute detail.' - Tye Cattanach

'...Elegant as always in text, illustration and presentation, Tania McCartney’s work shines. Messages of friendship, the magic found in reading, kindness, sharing, and diversity, are layered within the story, the first in a series about Plume world explorer..' - Anastasia Gonis, Kids' Book Review

'...We have fallen in love with the singular adventurous Plume, a little penguin with serious wanderlust. In this brilliantly illustrated story, we follow our bookish friend as he explores the world beyond his Antarctic home. Touching on diversity, friendship, acceptance and understanding, this book is sure to be a treasured addition to your library.' ⁠- @lionanddragonflybooks

'...This story motivates young children to get to know different countries, have interest in different cultures, and broaden their horizons; the world is full of amazing people and places. I love the part where Plume shares his experience with other penguins; it makes them discover fun of learning. The illustrations are adorable and detailed, engaging the readers in the story.'
- @picturebook.journal

'...I am so in love with Plume! He loves to skydive, knit, dance, play squash, and READ! He also craves colour, excitement and adventure. I was completely whisked away to Plume's exciting destinations via these vibrant and engaging pages... there is so much amazing detail, vivid descriptions, and the reader is transported to these wonderful places around the globe, full of colour, culture and new experiences to explore .' - Nicola McGeown @ALIA_CYS

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