Australia's Wild, Weird, Wonderful Weather
(October 2020, National Library Publishing, hardback: $24.99, 9780642279637) 

From desert snowfalls to killer cyclones, from dust devils and southerly busters to ferocious firestorms and floods, the weather in Australia is definitely WILD, WEIRD and WONDERFUL.

Take a trip across this remarkable continent, exploring everything from INDIGENOUS WEATHER KNOWLEDGE to the challenges of CLIMATE CHANGE.

Along the way you’ll discover lazy clouds, smelly rain, frozen dew, moody moonbows, exploding trees, toxic winds, flying dolphins, savvy sharks and hair-raising humidity.

So fasten your LIFE JACKET, slap on a SUNHAT, grab an UMBRELLA and experience the WONDERS of WEATHER!

A timely book, packed with fascinating information for fact-hungry kids, Australia's Wild, Weird, Wonderful Weather sees the pairing of this award-winning duo for the very first time. A priceless book for both home and school settings.

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