Australia's Wild, Weird, Wonderful Weather
(October 2020, National Library Publishing, hardback: $24.99 9780642279637, paperback 9780642279842)

Notable Book, CBCA Awards 2021

WINNER Museums Australasia Multimedia and Publication Design Awards 2021

From desert snowfalls to killer cyclones, from dust devils and southerly busters to ferocious firestorms and floods, the weather in Australia is definitely WILD, WEIRD and WONDERFUL.

Take a trip across this remarkable continent, exploring everything from INDIGENOUS WEATHER KNOWLEDGE to the challenges of CLIMATE CHANGE.

Along the way you’ll discover lazy clouds, smelly rain, frozen dew, moody moonbows, exploding trees, toxic winds, flying dolphins, savvy sharks and hair-raising humidity.

So fasten your LIFE JACKET, slap on a SUNHAT, grab an UMBRELLA and experience the WONDERS of WEATHER!

A timely book, packed with fascinating information for fact-hungry kids, Australia's Wild, Weird, Wonderful Weather sees the pairing of this award-winning duo for the very first time. A priceless book for both home and school settings.

Wow! Wow! Wow! If you have a curious, weather-minded small person in your life, this is the book for them without a doubt! This amazing nonfiction book about all things weather is choka-a-block full of weather facts … A feast for the eyes, the illustrations show us gorgeous pictures amongst charts, tables, diagrams and explanations of weather terms … get your hands on this wonderful book … Highly recommended! (Melissa, Wangaratta West School Library @wangwestlibrary.)

THIS is fantastic nonfiction! It’s beautifully-designed with bold, full colour illustrations, charts and diagrams and jam packed with facts carefully presented in bite-sized snippets. It’s fascinating and modern, with insightful information about Indigenous Australian seasons and 'bush forecasting' as well as clear explanations of different weather phenomenon and a bit of history too. Clear subheadings make it easy to navigate and I really like the inclusion of colourful quotes about weather taken from Aussie newspapers. I spied this book in our school library’s order when I was helping unpack Book Club and had to order a copy for my kids too. (bookskidslove, Instagram)

Explore all facets of Australia’s extraordinary weather in this fascinating book. Discover how we forecast and measure weather, about our climate and its extremes, and be amazed by quirky weather facts. With fun and vibrant illustrations, this engaging book will have everyone in the family wanting to know about the science of weather. (Kids’ Reading Guide 2020-2021: Handpicked and Reviewed by Australia’s Leading Booksellers:

Emerge from this book windswept away by the wonders of Aussie weather. Reeder and McCartney present vital information alongside vivacious graphics … in this fascinating and well-laid out book! … Weather the storm together this summer with this exhilarating read. (Leonna, Better Read Than Dead Bookshop, Summer Catalogue 2020-2021, page 48: Summer Reading Guide 2020-2021 by Better Read Than Dead – issuu.

Looking for an awesome coffee table book … a wonderful gift … a must-have addition to your school/public library collections … a book for yourself that you will always treasure? THIS IS IT! … a truly glorious book that teaches sooo much about the wonders of Australia’s weather. A true gem … (Picture Book Book Club, 22 October 2020:

Perfect example of a really great, worthy, worthwhile, fun, engaging nonfiction book … highly recommended … utterly giftable and a beautiful production. (Megan Daley, Children’s Books Daily, TBR Tuesday, 27 October 2020:

A fascinating, detailed and comprehensive look at Australia’s weather, which is indeed weird. Illustrations extend the text and combined with the index, resources and word lists, this is an excellent non-fiction book. (Margaret Hamilton, Newsletter No 52, November 2020, Pinerolo: The Children’s Book Cottage) 

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