Riley and the Curious Koala: A journey around Sydney 
(Tania McCartney Press, A$16.95, Nov 2010, 9780980475036) 

Following in the Riley series of travel adventure books, Riley and the Curious Koala takes our little aviator on a journey around the beautiful landmarks of Sydney, in search of a strange and elusive fuzzy creature.

With stunning black and white photos of Sydney's beaches and glorious harbour, even in the torrential rain, this whirlwind trip showcases this gorgeous city at its best.

Riley and the Curious Koala is illustrated once again by the illustrious Kieron Pratt. It is the third book in the very popular Riley travelogue series for little ones.

It's a superb book and a brilliant series concept - can think of a least a dozen kids I'd love to give it to who'd get so much from it. - author Jackie French

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