Rich and Rare - Anthology 
(November 2015, Hybrid Publishers, $24.95, paperback, 9781925272116)

An anthology can be compared to a patchwork quilt, sewn by many hands. Each piece in the patchwork is different: distinctive in texture, shape, pattern, colour. Each piece, separately created, has its own individuality, is its own thing, and could exist on its own.

You are about to enjoy some of Australia's best stories, poetry and artwork from the likes of: Phillip Gwynne, Shaun Tan, Sofie Laguna, Deborah Abela, Gabrielle Wang, Michael Pryor, Leigh Hobbs, James Roy, Justin D'Ath, Kirsty Murray, Simon Higgins, Gary Crew, Scot Gardner, Tracey Hawkins, Tania McCartney and many more.

Tania's contribution: The Bad Boy