Smile Cry 
WINNER, SCBWI Crystal Kite Award, 2017, Australia/New Zealand Region
NOTABLE BOOK, CBCA Book of the Year 2017, Early Childhood
(March 2016, EK Books, $19.99, hard cover, 9781921966989) BUY
(March 2017, EK Books, $14.99, paperback, 9781925335378) BUY 

A flip-over picture book for children that reads from both front and back, Smile Cry is an innovative picture book for young kids, showcasing the full emotional range of their formative years.

Readers follow three adorable characters--piglet, bunny and cat--as they react emotionally to a variety of events and circumstances from everyday life. From an 'ate all the pies' smile to an 'ice-cream plopping down cry'; from a 'cosy under blanket smile' to a 'need a band-aid quick cry', children will empathise with the tear-jerking calamity of a popped balloon or lost toy, or feel the smiley warmth of a being tickled.

It's the little things that touch the hearts of children the most, and Smile Cry typifies both the small joys and challenges that are the essence of childhood. Younger kids will respond to the soft whimsical illustrations, while older readers will learn more about the range of their emotions--how it's possible to cry with happiness and also smile with trepidation.

The clever 'flip book' format means that the Smile story reads from front to back, while the Cry story reads from back to front, with both delicious narratives meeting in the middle.

A heartfelt picture book that will be treasured for years, Smile Cry is perfect for ages 3 and upwards.

Teachers' Notes