This is Captain Cook
(March 2015, National Library Publishing, $24.99, hard cover, 9780642278692)

Shortlisted - Museums Australasia Design Publishing Awards, 2016
Shortlisted - ACT Writing and Publishing Awards, 2016 

Captain James Cook loved to sail. He loved making maps (he was very good at it, too) and he particularly loved shiny buttons. In this charming picture book, little ones can celebrate the life of a great mariner and true adventurer.

Join Miss Batts and her class as they tell the story of Captain Cook with a humorous and whimsical school play that’s sure to engage the very young. We see the class act out the story of Cook: as a boy watching ships on the horizon, sailing to Canada, then to Tahiti and on to New South Wales (spot the escaping chicken in each of the scenes!). Kids will discover that Captain Cook was the first European to cross the Antarctic Circle and they’ll also learn that on his final journey, he never came home again.

Parents, carers and teachers will smile at the familiar set-up of the chaotic school play and the inventive props, and enjoy eavesdropping on the audience as they interact with the performance. At the back of the book, walk through ‘Cook’s Gallery’ and see real life paintings of Cook, his ship and his travels.

I have never seen history presented for young children in such an entertaining and appealing way. - author Dee White

Totally captivating, from cover to cover. - BuzzWords

This is the most unique way of presenting old material in a new light that I’ve seen for a long time. There have been dozens of books about Captain Cook ... and yet McCartney and Booth have created something new and interesting that will engage the audience as well as teach them. - The Bottom Shelf

I have never seen a children's story told this way and I love it! It gives new meaning to the phrase 'mixed medium' - I'm unsure whether I've read a story or taken part in a school play! - Creative Kids' Tales

A gorgeous, rollicking tale, with more than a few historical facts embedded among the fun.
- Good Reading magazine.

A refreshing depiction of a very famous adventurer, for all ages. Highly Recommended. - Magpies magazine 

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This is Captain Cook in simplified Chinese, published by the National Library of China, 2016

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