Riley and the Jumpy Roo: A journey around Canberra 
(Ford Street Publishing, Aug 2013, $22.95 hardcover 9781925000023, $16.95 paperback 9781925000030)
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Equal Second Place, Canberra Uni's Get Real Canberra Awards for Outstanding Picture Book, February 2014

While visiting the nation's capital, Riley encounters a very jumpy kangaroo, frantically searching for something she's lost. Bounding around the iconic sights of Canberra, can this roo finally find what she's been looking for?

Featuring black and white photos of Canberra's very best monuments and sights, Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo combines photos, illustrations, adorable characters, humour and an adventuresome storyline in a travelogue-style book that showcases the capital at its very best. In celebration of the Centenary of Canberra, 2013. The book was gifted to the Royal Princess Charlotte, on the occasion of her birth, but the ACT Government.

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