Peas in a Pod
(June 2015, EK Books, $24.99, BUY hardcover, 9781921966712)
(May 2016, EK Books, $14.99, BUY paperback, 9781925335286) 
(E-book e-pub and kindle, $14.99, 97817755922111)

Pippa, Pia, Poppy, Polly and Peg are quintuplets. Since birth, they’ve done everything the same — cry, eat, sleep, sit. But as they get a little older, things start to change. Now they want to do things differently — very differently. Can Mum and Dad keep their little girls as matching peas in a pod, or will those five very individual personalities win out in the end?

Gorgeous illustrations perfectly complement this simple yet highly entertaining storyline. Sure to be enjoyed by kids and their parents!