Australian Story: an illustrated timeline 
(National Library of Australia, $19.99, 1 April 2012, 9780642277459)

Take a trip into the past––from the explosive beginnings of our planet through the formation of the Australian landscape, the deeply entrenched history of our Indigenous people and past the white-sailed ships of the First Fleet to modern day Australia, in this fascinating journey through time.

Featuring succinct entries on historical moments over the past 47 billion years, Australian Story covers such topics as ecological change, social upheaval, politics, invention, the industrial age, war, immigration, celebration, culture and modern technology––and presents it in a way that is visual, fun and thoroughly entertaining for Key Stage I and II children.

Illustrated with a striking collection of photographs and images from the NLA’s digital collection, this is history for children like never before. A fascinating snapshot of our country, Australian Story tells who we once where, who we are today . . . and where we are going.

Teaching Notes